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More athletes that incorporate Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching into their training program...

Alexis Martinez

Tae Kwon Do - 2009 US Junior National Team Member

Lehigh University

Women's Softball; Swimming & Diving

Danielle Holmquist

Tae Kwon Do - 2009 US National Team Member

RC Johnson

Greco Roman Wrestling - 2009 World Championship Team Member

Past Clientele

Allan Houston, retired NBA All-Star

Charlie Ward, Heisman Trophy winner and retired NBA star

Jayson Werth, MLB All-Star and World Champion:

“Anne and Steve (Innovative Body Solutions) are on the cutting edge of body advancements. I have had the opportunity to work with both of them at length and their skills in Resistance Flexibility training, among other forms of training, is state of the art. I will continue my training with them whenever the opportunity arises.  I will continue to refer friends and acquaintances to them for their expertise, professionalism, and know-how. They are on the ground floor of a system that is new, challenging, and one that works. For all that, I thank them.”

More Success Stories

Maria Crompton

"In October 2009, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Steve and Anne for a full week--though it felt longer, with as much as I learned and progressed. They both work so well together in providing the best treatments with a very thorough, individualized analysis of my personal symptoms, physiology, and biomechanics. With their complete support, encouragement and generosity, they made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. It has been truly life-changing to not only have some great people in my life, but to finally find a program that is truly effective. I am a competitive athlete and have been all my life. I am also a personal trainer and have dealt with numerous injuries of my own in the past couple years. I have seen many massage therapists and physical therapists with minimal results. Thanks to Anne and Steve’s knowledge, expertise and genuine care, I've experienced such vast improvements. I was amazed at how open, relaxed and symmetrical I felt in the five days I worked with them. I am confident in both the resistance stretching and body mashing and will definitely incorporate them into my routine from here on out. They inspired me to be the athlete that I want to be, and I'm excited to incorporate this valuable knowledge into my business. My goal/intention is to help people lead a pain free, happy and healthy life. Working with Anne and Steve definitely went above and beyond my expectations, and I will continue to see them whenever I get the chance. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone! Thanks for everything!! I can’t thank you enough!!"

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71 year old grandmother who just got her black belt...

"We strongly feel that Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is for everyone. We started Tae Kwon Do 6 years ago. Flexibility and strength are really important for martial arts. Over the years, we have tried many different stretching programs and read a number of books but none worked like your program. Since taking our first workshop with you, our flexibility has improved tremendously. For years we were stuck at a certain point, and now it is very rewarding to make progress at a steady pace, without pain and with just about 20 minutes a day!"

— Suzanne (71) and Ron (61) - Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do

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Cami Stock

"Integration of Anne and Steve's Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching video each morning significantly influences every day and every workout. I feel stronger and more fluid, both in the water and on the trail. Their instruction is sensible, thorough, and straightforward, and their routine is effective without being time-consuming. It has become as much a part of routine as brushing my teeth!"

Cami Stock

— Cami Stock

Multisport Coach, owner Wild Blue Racing
Former professional triathlete
2004 Air Force Female Athlete of the Year
USAT Certified Coach