What is Mashing (Thai MASHiatsu)?

Mashing, also known as Thai MASHiatsu, is a form of body work that prepares muscles by compressing them with your feet.

Mashing, also called Thai MASHiatsu is a blend of thai massage, "mashing", and foot shiatsu.  Most assisted Ki-Hara sessions involve mashing to warm the body up or help flush the body at the end of the session. This technique will effect myofascial tissue as well as blood flow and will also allow muscles to stretch more effectively. These techniques are similar to what they have been practicing in the East for more than 38 generations. It is deep and sometimes intense works that helps create a more lasting effect and changes in the body during the session while helping to save the practitioners arms and hands from the rigors and wear and tear of traditional massage work.

Thai MASHiatsu Workshops:
In this 7 hour intensive workshop you will realize the powers of using your feet and body for massage versus your hands and fingers.  Using the proper leverage and techniques can make giving a massage an enjoyable and much easier experience.  We will run through the whole body: starting with the toes and feet and working our way up to the neck, then finishing with the hands and fingers - covering every area in between.  This workshop is a unique blend of traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Foot Shiatsu technique fused together with revolutionary Ki-Hara Mashing Techniques to create an energized form of body work for both the client and therapist.  Taught in a casual group setting, people will work on each other while watching an instructor work on someone at the same time.  Everyone gets to give and receive each of the moves for the whole body - each "session" for a certain group of muscles (i.e. Feet & Calves; Adductros; Quads and IT Band; Chest and Biceps) is about 20 minutes long and then the partners switch.  You will feel relaxed yet energized after this day of body work like you've never experienced.  Ki-Hara Thai MASHiatsu: Unlock Greatness.

The class can be taken alone or with a partner and includes a full color manual with pictures and is accompanied by a training DVD. Please be sure to wear comfortable clothes and have clean feet!!!