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08/07/07 - NPR - Swimmer Dara Torres, 40, Aims for '08 Olympics

08/03/07 - NPR - Swimmer Torres Makes Triumphant Return at 40 - by Jennifer Brandel

More About Dara

01/01/09 - Saturday Evening Post - Dara Torres: Life in the Fast Lane

08/18/08 - CBS News - The Phelps And Torres Effect

08/10/08 - - Olympic Swimmer Credits Trainers with State Ties

07/24/08 - Time Magazine - Dara Torres - 100 Olympic Athletes to Watch

05/29/08 - CBS Evening News - Olympic Champ Tries Again - At 41

03/01/08 - Prevention - Health Hero: Dara Torres

11/18/07 - New York Times - Torres is Getting Older, but Swiming Faster

08/31/07 - ABC News - Person of the Week: Dara Torres

08/04/07 - Swimming World - Torres Breaks Own Record 7 Years Later...

08/02/07 - Washington Post - At 40, Torres Is Back In the Fast Lane

07/16/07 - Sun-Sentinel - Torres Shatters 3rd Meet Record at Sectionals

06/20/07 - The Australian - Stopping the Clock at 40

08/18/06 - USA Today - Torres has New Reason to Seek Gold

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New York Times

People can say I'm on drugs or whatever, but they (Innovative Body Solutions) are really my secret weapon. - Dara Torres

New York Times

The Today Show

Dara Torres talks Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching with Matt Lauer

The Today Show

Check out a video clip of Anne and Steve working on NBC “The Today Show” Anchorman Al Roker on a segment entitled “Lose 20 with Al”

Time Magazine

Resistance Stretching featured in Time Magazine

Time Magazine

New York Times Magazine

Dara Torres featured in the New York Times Magazine with video clip from our DVD!

New York Times Magazine

Time Magazine

Time Magazine


Dara Torres How She Does It (video)


CBS Evening News

The Phelps and Torres Effect (video)

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

Torres Stays Full Speed Ahead

Five-Time Olympian, 41, Believes She Can Still Go Faster

Washington Post

Loose & Limber

Olympic swimmer Dara Torres calls the pair her "secret weapon," and now I see why!

Swim Network

A Better Way to Stretch

Men's Journal

Innovative Body Solutions and Resistance Stretching :: Mens Journal - January 2009

The Today Show
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Anne and Steve are on the cutting edge of body advancements. I have had the opportunity to work with both of them at length and their skills in Meridian Flexibility training, among other forms of training, is state of the art. I will continue my training with them whenever the opportunity arises and am geographically available to them. I will continue to refer friends and acquaintances to them for their expertise, professionalism, and know-how. They are on the ground floor of a system that is new, challenging, and one that works. I thank them and wish them luck.

-Jayson Werth
Major League Baseball Outfielder