At Innovative Body Solutions we believe success comes in stages and an individual’s nutrition, strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity, and most importantly will to want to change have to be addressed. We pride ourselves in accomplishing all of the above goals with your help and the following services are our commitment to doing just that. 

A private session is your appointment for intensive and personalized flexibility training. 

Innovative Body Solutions offers fun flexibility filled healthy vacations.
We offer workshops so everyone involved has enough time to learn, experience, and execute new concepts adequately. 


Athletes are a special breed and need special attention. That is why we work in a team to provide the most dynamic and sophisticated workout available.

Certifications / Intensive Trainings

Trainings are open to people of all levels and professions - and the only pre-requisite is an interest!

Trainer Services

Internships, Ki-Hara Connect, and more for IBS trainers.

Client Testimonial

I began working with Anne and Steve to improve my overall fitness and reduce the neck and back pain that I had been experiencing for a few years. I had tried yoga, physical therapy and swimming, and though I had improved, my pain never completely went away. After a few sessions with Anne and Steve, my back pain was gone. I was amazed by the rapid results. Anne and Steve are creative, thoughtful, knowledgeable and intuitive. The customized program of strengthening and stretching they designed for me has allowed me to continue to progress on my own, improving my flexibility, strength and overall fitness. I have recommended Anne and Steve to others, including my own family members. Once you have experienced their unique techniques, it is easy to make it part of your daily routine.

- Joan Merlis