Workshops (0.3 NASM CEUs)

We offer workshops so everyone involved has enough time to learn, experience, and execute new concepts adequately.

Why workshops?

We offer workshops instead of classes so that everyone involved has enough time to learn, experience, and execute new concepts adequately. We also feel there is a need for more hands-on and self-diagnosis so that people no longer have to be dependent on their trainers.

At our workshops, you will learn how to:

  • Problem-solve
  • Self-stretch
  • Assist
  • Be Assisted
  • Help each other
  • And be hands-on name a few.

More about our workshops

They are appropriate for all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

The majority of our workshops are helpful and appropriate for most anyone. The usual age range is from twenty to sixty-five years old. Some participants are not very fit and so come to start getting back into shape again, while others are serious athletes who want to increase strength and flexibility.

Most people have no prior training or experience.

If a workshop requires previous experience or expertise, it will be clearly stated in the description. Otherwise, we just require your interest!

They don't require you to own any fancy equipment.

Though we do recommend that you bring a yoga mat (available at stores like Target or Whole Foods) and a big towel, if you don't have these we will provide them for you.

They include lots of physical activity, but that is accompanied by a lot of hands-on interaction with the instructors.

All of our workshops include lots of physical student participation. That's the best way to really learn a physical concept like stretching. So expect to get a good workout and probably even sweat. The class sizes are typically small with no more than a 10:1 student to teacher ratio and a lot of “on-site” problem-solving for anyone having difficulties in any stretch or strengthening exercise.

In addition to the Instructors working with you and directing the class through stretches, each individual can tailor it to themselves by making it as aerobic or strengthening as their body desires. This is the beauty of being your own piece of exercise equipment, you don’t have to keep getting up to change the weights!

We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothing.

Since you will be doing physical exercise, wear or bring appropriate clothing. You can change on site. Shorts and a tee shirt are fine, but some people wear jogging suits or tights. We recommend many layers of clothing, like a tee shirt under long sleeves, since the room may start out cold but then warm up during the workshop. You can be in socks or bare feet.

There are handouts to take home with you and practice.

Our goal is that you experience an immediate and obvious increase in flexibility during the workshop. But we also want you to keep stretching once you get home so that you continue to increase your flexibility. To make this easy, we send you home with handouts of all the concepts that were covered in the workshop as well as plenty of blank paper to take notes on.

We prefer that you arrive early so we can begin on time.

We ask that you arrive about a 15 minutes earlier than the workshop start time. That will allow you to register, receive handouts and equipment, settle into your place, and use the bathrooms before we start.

Expect to have fun and feel really relaxed at the end.

Although we think that stretching is serious business, joy is the ultimate purpose of life. And so we stress fun, enjoyment, laughing, and smiles in all of our workshops. We encourage you to really apply yourself during the workshop and work to the best of your ability, but we also do our best to make it a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Expect to learn a lot and work even more.

There will be a lot of new information coming at you, so be ready to learn. We also work on “Assisted stretches” where you get to be the trainer for a period of time which requires a bit more work than self-stretches, but also creates some even more drastic results, so be prepared to be help and be helped.

Expect a lot of interaction.

Not only will there be interaction among the trainers and the participants, but we welcome all of our Interns and Instructors to drop in at any time so participants will be able to see many different teaching techniques and styles as well as possibly meet trainers from their area.

Bodywork Anyone?

Finally, we typically take a break in the middle of our 4-hour workshops and at the end of class to do some “mashing.” In this technique we use our feet to help relax each other’s muscles. So after some hard hours of physical exercise everyone can leave with a more flexible and less tense body.

To set up a workshop in your area

Find 10 people plus a space and you too can enjoy this great experience! Contact Anne for more information on how we can come to you!

Note: All workshops have a 48 hour cancellation policy.